In 1991, Ahmann Design, Inc., our flagship organization, was founded to create unique residential home plans for builders in the local market. Within 5 years, we were selling plans in several markets in the region and beginning to hit the national scene with our home designs. Today, you will find award-winning Ahmann Design home plans in virtually every corner of Iowa and even across the United States and Canada.

The housing crash of 2008 brought about many changes within the residential design market presenting the opportunity for us to expand our design services into the commercial sector and Fusion Architects was born. We were now equipped to design both residential and commercial projects across Iowa.

The natural progression of our business quickly took us into the commercial building arena and we began building projects in Cedar Rapids and Hiawatha with the addition of Compass Commercial Services. After the flood of 2008, much of the devastated downtown area was in need of rebuilding, renovation and some TLC and we began working on several projects to help revitalize the area. Today, Compass has projects throughout the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City corridor.

At the beginning of 2017, Pivot Real Estate was added to the Ahmann Companies family to handle real estate leasing, buying, selling and property managment and maintenance for both our tenants as well as others in the area. In August of 2019, Pivot announced a rebranding strategy to change it’s name to Q4 Real Estate to reflect both the evolution of the company, as well as it’s vision for the future.

Today Ahmann Companies offers a vertically integrated process that is unmatched in our area. Because your architect, designer, builder, civil engineer, master planner and project manager are all located under one roof, we are able to communicate directly with each other saving you both time and money. We take projects from inception through the building process and beyond with our team of professionals who stand ready to help you meet your building needs.